Paul Robison Auctions

Past Auction Highlights

At our auction on June 24th, 2005
there were quite a few bidders interested
in the grandfather clock that came to the auction block just past noon. The clock was
a very early model with ornate carvings, a hand painted dial face and was signed by
the maker and the artist on the back of the dial. The bidding was fast and furious from
the floor but the final bid came from a phone call that was made as as the preset time
of sale approached. The gavel fell at $7700.00 for this outstanding time piece.


At our auction on October 2nd, 2004
quite a crowd assembled to bid on
and buy the antique gas engines from the Cooperrider estate. Some of the highlights
are pictured below. The "Associated 4 hp Engine" shown in picture 1 Sold for $1600
when the auction gavel fell after the final bid. The "International Famous Upright"
shown in picture 2 Sold for $2000 at the final gavel. (An identical engine "restored"
recently sold on Ebay for $1600. We were pleased!!!) The "Ideal 1 hp" shown in
picture 3 sold for $525. The "Ideal 1 1/2 hp" shown in picture was 4 gaveled out at
$550. The "Little Jumbo" crossed the auction block at $375. All that attended
enjoyed the auction and the bidding was very competitive. Click on the pictures
below for a larger view. 





At our auction on April 23rd, 2004
the consignments held many surprises as
they were auctioned to the highest bidders. One of the nicest surprises was a Weller
wall pocket. As seen below it was a Weller White and Decorated Hudson Piece with
the art well done and a bird correctly positioned in the center. This "Very Rare" piece
of Ohio art pottery  found a new owner when the bidding stopped at $1200.00.


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